Business cards 2.0

Create your digital business card: your UnCard. Fit all information you want into one card, including resumes, pictures, social links & more.


Your data remains your data! Your personal contacts and conversations are completely encrypted. Nobody, except for you, will see any of your data!


Everything is synchronized in our secure cloud, so you will always have access to your contacts and chats. No matter where you are or on what device!

Grow your network by meeting great new people

Forget boring, expensive & inaccessible networking events! Now you can host them by yourself or join others. Meet new people and expand your network suitable for your preferences.

Always find the right venue

The days are over when you have to worry about finding a suitable venue for your event. We work together with many partners (from co-working spaces, over hotels to coffee shops) providing space for your event. Simply book one of them with our built-in venue-finder.

Finally an alternative to Business cards

Never carry around business cards on an event again. Create a digital business card and simply exchange them instantly by holding two phones close to another.

Smart Management (Mini CRM)

Business card folders & Excel were yesterday. All your received UnCards are automatically categorized and/or added to custom made contact lists. Never lose overview again!

Pricing Plan

To make UnCard available for everyone, we'll keep the prices as low as we can! We will always have a time-unlimited free plan, so you can check out UnCard without having to be in a rush!

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Get the most out of your network!

  • Sync. with CRM-Tools
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Priority support


Early Adopter


Build your network!

  • Unlimited contacts
  • Unlimited business card scan
  • Host Events
  • Faster customer support


Always Free

We got your back!

  • No Time-limit
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  • Try all features
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about UnCard. In case you have an infrequently asked question, our customer support can help you out.

UnCard is currently in the Beta phase and gets tested by many participants. If you want to test it out yourself, please sign up for our Beta program.
You can sign up for UnCard's Beta program here. We'll sent you everything to get started by email.
While Linkedin is a social media for professionals, where you represent your qualifications to grow a social profile, UnCard wants to help you build your personal high-quality network by offering everything you need to make that less of a hassle and more fun.
We are working towards releasing the first full version of UnCard at the beginning of Q3 2019. To stay up to date, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on a social media platform of your choice.